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Do you have: 

  1. -physical pain that just won’t go away

  2. -ongoing stress, fatigue or exhaustion

- personal relationships that are frustrating and challenging

- work that is unfulfilling

- a mind that is always racing

- a feeling of being lost and directionless in life

- feeling depressed, sad or anxious a lot of the time?

If this is you, I can help you get back on track and connected to yourself so the path forward becomes clear.

Many people who come to me have seen other practitioners that focus only on the physical and mental sides of themselves. They may have had limited results, or their problems reoccur. Now they are looking for the missing link with the holistic approach I offer.

Working with you in a holistic way, I include your mind-body-spirit in the healing process, and use a number of modalities that are tailored to match your emerging needs.

Clients regularly say how our sessions help them change beliefs, increase mental clarity, heal physical and emotional issues, and gain a sure footing on their life journey. All of this helps you to experience higher levels of personal well-being, balance and happiness.

I tailor your sessions with one or more of the following modalities:

Bowen Therapy - a gentle bioenergetic modality that works on both your physical and energetic bodies. This is particularly beneficial if you have a specific physical condition that needs healing.

Crystal Light Bed - a powerful energy and spiritual healing device combining crystals, light and sound therapies to open, cleanse and activate your energy system.

Energy and Spiritual healing - using intuitive guidance to assess your energy system, remove blocks & energetic cords, cleanse and activate your light body and specific psychic centres.

Pellowah Healing - a specific healing modality to align your meridians and activate DNA.

Harmonic Healing - using harmonic chimes attuned to the 432Hz natural frequency of the Universe to realign your body to its natural rhythm.

Focusing and Mindfulness - specific counseling techniques to bring your back to yourself and your truth in the moment.

Bach Flower Medicine - energy medicine to support you emotionally in between sessions.

Crystal Light Bed

One of the most powerful modalities I frequently use is the Crystal Light Bed. In my experience of using numerous tools for transformation, the Crystal Light Bed functions on a very high vibrational level, often causing profound transformations for my clients.

I often combine the Crystal Light Bed with Harmonic Healing chimes. This activates your para-sympathetic nervous system and delta brain waves to facilitate a deeper resonance of your energy field with the Universal energy, for healing at the DNA & cellular level. 

Reconnecting you to who you are, and what you want.

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During pregnancy and following birth, your body is under enormous pressure and is experiencing many changes. This starts from the moment of conception with hormone changes, and continues throughout pregnancy as your body moulds itself to your growing baby inside. Common pregnancy issues I help women with are:

  1. -lower back and pelvic pain

  2. -leg pain and sciatica

  3. -pain in arms and hands

  4. -carpal tunnel syndrome

  5. -night sweats and insomnia

During labour your body experiences a huge amount of stress

and trauma, particularly if your birth had medical intervention.

Even if you feel like your birth was a relatively smooth process,

the amount of stress on the body is equivalent to running a



Following the birth of your beautiful baby, hormonal changes continue during breastfeeding and your menstrual cycle normalises itself. Post birth your musculoskeletal body also readjusts itself back into balance. Often however your body retains the labour trauma and does not completely return to its pre-baby years. If this is the case, you may experience any of the following post birth:

  1. -back, shoulder and neck pain - particularly for breastfeeding women, or if you had an epidural.

  2. -perineum and pelvic pain - particularly if you had labour intervention

  3. -abdominal pain - particularly if you had a cesarean

  4. -digestive and urinary discomfort

  5. -mastitis and breastfeeding problems

  6. -night sweats and insomnia

I use Bowen Therapy to support your bodily changes throughout your pregnancy and post birth. It is a gentle modality that helps your body adjust itself and clear any pain or discomfort. Having regular Bowen treatments during pregnancy will help your body remain supple, and soften the ligaments in your pelvis to enable more mobility during pregnancy, and to allow for an easier natural labour.