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‘I am much more clear and empowered... I feel very blessed to have found you and work with you.’

Michelle, Yoga Teacher 2016

‘I would have to say it was one of the most significant healings I’ve had over the years. It’s pretty miraculous really.’

Rosemary, Healer 2015

‘I had a distant healing and it was unbelievable. I am focused, unblocked and feel a million bucks!’

Toni, Mum 2015

‘It is unlike anything else... the amazing frequency of those Vogel crystals is something you have to experience for yourself!’

Katie, Harmonic Hypnobirthing 2015

‘Min is a very beautiful intuitive healer with incredible expertise in many aspects of healing. I felt wonderfully calm yet energised after my crystal bed session along with a feeling of ‘awakening.’

Tanya, Mum 2015

‘Thank you for the distant healing you gave me prior, during, and after my eye surgery. My eye is almost completely healed and the world is a much brighter place.’

Angela, Retiree 2016

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Personal & tailored sessions to get you back to yourself, back on purpose, and connected with what’s true for you.

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Home energy assessments and solutions to address health conditions and get you back to wellness.

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I’m a mum, wife, scientist and healer. I am qualified in Environmental Science (B.Sc, M.Env.Sc.), Energy Healing (Adv.Cert.Sp.H), Bowen Therapy (Cert IV) and Bach Flower Medicine. Since 1997 I have worked across a breadth of environmental fields including environmental assessment, management and remediation, water quality & catchment management, and water and energy efficiency for business.

For the past 15 years I’ve been mastering the healing arts and liberating people from old energy that holds them back in life. In 2006 I discovered the incredible healing power of John of God in Brazil, and obtained permission to facilitate the Crystal Light Bed in Sydney. In 2014 I was selected as an Anchor Medium to sit and work alongside Medium Joao at his 3 day Healing event in Sydney.

I have always been an intuitive empath, with a heightened sensitivity for picking up people’s emotions, and understanding them at a deeper Soul level. On a personal level, over the last 20 years I have pursued many transformational processes such as Psychotherapy, Inner Child Therapy, Transpersonal Counseling, Shamanic Sweat Lodges, Womens Rites of Initiation, Silent Meditation, and Alchemy Healing.

Today I combine my breadth of knowledge and experience and facilitate women connecting more deeply with themselves, healing underlying trauma that may be causing pain and discomfort in their present life. I also perform home energy assessments and clearings to eradicate unwanted energies in your home and identify strategies to ensure your home stays energetically clean and healthy.


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